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Withdraws delay and some other news!

  Published on - Jun, 28 2018

Hello everyone!
It is a long time while we was posting a news. ..

I will explaind everything about late withdraws on all our sites.

1. We are loosing ad revenue that we had when our withdraws was fast. To let you all know i do not proffit, every satoshi is sent out to members.
2. We are loosing traffic as users have no patience to wait for a withdraw! If every user would just keep claiming and would wait for withdraw everything would be good!
3. I have low time to manage all sites as i have much to do in real life. (Also i m now on vacation and has low network accsess)

And ofcorse some other coincidences.

Due to all this, changes has to be made on sites process.
Withdraws period from now will be from instant (rare) to one week (in some cases even longer)

Every user must know that we are working together to make some coins that includes no use of any ad blockers. Claiming from PTCWALL ads. Staying more time on site.

Every user should try to get some referrals and promote our site (Yes that helps allot!)

We are about to remove extra claim untill we find a better solution for it.
Unfortunately for unknown time we are forsed to reduce claim reward (We are one of the highest right now) this will take effect in next 48 hours.
Unfortunately also minimum withdraw could be increased.

As long as we are working together everything will be good!

Best Regards My Dear Users!!!

Withdrawals delay!

  Published on - May, 06 2018

Withdraws are delayed more than ever was :( we have issue with our user base IP check as it is going slow with large amount of users (for ETHXUP.COM and BTCXUP.COM but LUCKYBITCO.IN and CRYPTOFIGHTS.COM situation is ok and payments has been done) we are trying to modify our system to make this faster and fix this issue! We are really sorry for these users that wait for about week :( please keep claiming we are paying!!!

Semi instant withdrawals are enabled!

  Published on - Apr, 07 2018

Semi instant withdrawals are enabled! This will work here on test period with limitations. If everything will go as planned we will add this to all sites! Enjoy!!! P.S. If balance is empty withdraws will be manual. Also not all users are qualified for instant withdraws.

PTCWALL fixed and withdraws now are normal again!

  Published on - Mar, 31 2018

It looks like reversals and bugs are solved in PTCWALL side and not its secure to start earning again! So lets boost earnings right now so we make this week back! Withdraws from our side are going in normal way.

Important news from PTCWALL Owner! (Why your balance dropped)

  Published on - Mar, 27 2018

Dear members, There has been some fraud/exploiting that took place, and we are adjusting for it. If your account is Negative or has fallen that means you were likely paid for clicks on the fraudulent ads. We are also taking the money out of the user's accounts to you don't lose anymore by paying them. ---We have fixed the issue so that they can't exploit the system like this anymore. In most cases, we would not reverse them, but in this case, we need to so the site can continue running. We understand you may be upset, and your users may be upset, but it was a choice of cut this site from our list of sites or reverse some of the clicks on the fraudulent ads that happened recently and fix the exploit to keep the site open and running. Please be aware we will not be paying out any cashouts for the next day or two tell we can finish this up and make sure everything is right. After that, we will start making payments again, please don't cash out ATM as we will need to manually delete and cash these out again to account for any change in balance and that will just make it take longer to clear all of this up. We Hope that you will understand and not judge us too harshly. David M.

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