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  • Cryptoghost 7 hours ago
    @Darkhalf You will be paid for what you claimed. I have 10k pendings, too
  • Darkhalf 7 hours ago
    I see. Nice to heat.
  • Darkhalf 7 hours ago
    Now the hardest question. How did u get the ghost avatar lol
  • Darkhalf 7 hours ago
    Hear*** big thumb problems
  • Cryptoghost 7 hours ago
    @Darkhalf You don't like my avatar??? It was a gift from a friend... And it came because they nicknamed me on btcxup "ghost of the chatroom" :D
  • Darkhalf 7 hours ago
    Hahaha i like it. I was asking coz i cant chanhe mine lol
  • Cryptoghost 7 hours ago
    @Darkhalf In "My Profile" you can add one
  • Darkhalf 7 hours ago
    @Cryptoghost ok. I got to do some errands. Later =)
  • Cryptoghost 6 hours ago
    @Darkhalf See you
  • diggz 4 hours ago
  • germaine 3 hours ago
  • germaine 3 hours ago
    tengo una buena pagina de eth q no tiene limites de tiempo si a alguno le intereza
  • jhonmclein 1 hour ago
    a mi :v
  • Cryptoghost 41 minutes ago
    @Darkhalf You're back?
  • jhonmclein 23 minutes ago

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