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  • rian 2 days ago
    hi all
  • LuckyBitcoin ADMIN 2 days ago
    @essential not really as it can be used only by chat banned user! I wull fix that on XUP script update that i m working on.
  • nati 2 days ago
    Hello admin, my payment??????
  • sonia74 2 days ago
    hi admin, how can i create account for ltcxup
  • sonia74 2 days ago
    should there be a new gmail and user name
  • essential 2 days ago
    @LuckyBitcoin =OOO ohhh
  • ETHXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    Lottery have been ended! Congratulations for all winners
  • coin345 1 day ago
    hi all)
  • essential 1 day ago
    @coin345 hi
  • Aryastudio 1 day ago
    admin, please proses my withdraw..
  • ETHXUP.COM BOT 1 day ago
    aldoxi joinned Jackpot. Pot 0.00000100
  • majidul06 19 hours ago
    hello admin .. pls process my payment ... thus I can claim more from your site and I can not give my refferals to others until i get my payment .. pls do process my payment \
  • Gunner112 9 hours ago
    Earn ETH - http://earnethers.com/?r=0xd5585205093d1b86c3ec242E7EB2086219b66325
  • essential 8 hours ago
    @Gunner112 =/
  • ETHXUP.COM BOT 36 minutes ago
    yuken Created TicTacToe Game - 1 Satoshi!

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