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  • 3echo 2 days ago
    @rian, tidak semua begit. terkadang langsung. tapi terkadang juga tidak langsung.
  • rian 2 days ago
    @3echo tapi yg saya dapati,, langung masuk kok ke faucethub,,tapi saya cuman claim reward nya.. karna setiap hari sya itung brapa calim dan ternyata sesuai,,, kalau yg wd model lama, kek nya gk dikluarin dah,, sya aja udah wd 0.002 tapi tetep pending dah 2 bln
  • Noloc71 2 days ago
    Все, скурвился - не платит.
  • Daria9 1 day ago
  • atombuloglu 1 day ago
    hey people, do not spend your time here! last payment was 2 monts ago. After that they are not paying
  • atombuloglu 1 day ago
    my 3 payments was stool from site
  • Aussiestar MOD 1 day ago
    BANNED USER Daria9 Till 2018-10-16 19:52 Reason: we
  • Aussiestar MOD 1 day ago
    BANNED USER atombuloglu Till 2018-10-04 07:52 Reason:
  • Aussiestar MOD 1 day ago
    @atombuloglu no stop lying\
  • Aussiestar MOD 1 day ago
    we are still paying
  • Aussiestar MOD 1 day ago
  • oliver1982 23 hours ago
    172398 0xdba219cd0cf6b3537e357280c88f6f5a16dc3a7d 2018-08-18 05:59:51 Pending
  • atom2511 21 hours ago
    20181 0x6dc52df2193d63d77307f5fd45defda607521dd7 2018-07-19 06:15:56 Pending
  • mavicivam 18 hours ago
    @Aussiestar i wonder how can I wd my current bal since you're paying direct to fh now

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